Monday, March 28, 2016

Try Before You Buy

Have you gone to the market and wanting to try the products but too scared that you don't get

what you pay for? or maybe hesitant to buy thinking that the products won't work on you? I always

feel that way especially when there is a new product release of course, we want to try it since we find

it interesting. Introducing the SAMPLE ROOM an online shop that makes us try the products first

before you buy for free. yes its FREE using your earned points. It has a wide array of selection from

hair, skin, body, slimming, etc..  How cool right?!

Here is the actual packaging. They made sure you'd feel special b'coz they took time fixing everything. 

Here's what I got. Now, can you imagine how all of these fits in a single bag? :)

Honestly, I haven't tried using these (except the napkin!) So I am very excited to try these products!

How it works:

  • Register here (clickable directly to their site)
  • Automatically receive free points after registration 
  • Choose your sample (each samples has a corresponding points for it to be availed)

  • Check out (all you need to pay is the shipping and handling fee which is totally cheaper than                       the products)

  • Receive your samples (I got mine in no time!)
  • Get points by reviewing the products (Share your thoughts! The more you review the products, the more points you get which means you have more opportunity to try more products!)
  • Buying of points (Register and be a MEMBER!)
Being a member qualifies you to get free samples and there's more! actively participate in sampling

and reviewing activity will also gain you the following treats:
  • Prizes and contests 
  • Chance to be featured as the Sample Room's member of the month. (you will still be receiving gifts from them)

What a treat right? who doesn't want to receive treats for free?! Be a member now! I already 

got 100 points (upper right) :) Let's start sampling! 

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