Friday, March 4, 2016

Hongkong Trip Day 1

My sister and I been planning to go on vacation ever since. We were lucky enough that our parents

allowed us. We decided to go to Hong Kong because we are already familiar with the place since

we've been there 3 times already. It was my very 1st trip with my sister  (without parentals!) and

boyfriend this year so it was extra special! I'm really hoping for more trips to come. I chose a 7AM

flight because I want to make the most out of our stay there. We arrived at HK airport around 10AM.

First things first, GET AN MTR MAP! It will save your life! We rode a bullet train going to the

city it took us 20 minutes only! (it is cheaper when you buy in groups it costs us around 165HKD = 

1155pesos. You have the option to ride a bus but it  will take about an hour and a half for you to

arrive in the city.)

Don't fret! Its not as complicated as it looks! Its easy to follow their map since they made it color 

coded so you would know if you are going to change train or not.  Every station has a customer 

service so you can ask  directly for some information. Purchased also their Day Pass Card for only 

65HKD = 455pesos (unlimited ride for 1 day). When riding bus, it is practical to also get Octopus 

card since bus drivers don't give change. Finally, we arrived at our hotel (Mini Hotel at Causeway 

Bay) and settle down for a while, left our luggage at the lobby and started our tour! I decided to 

make our own itinerary.

Our Hotel Lobby

Day 1: Time Square / Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree / Gudetama Cafe / Mongkok Night Market

Time Square is just walking distance from our hotel. It is located in Causeway Bay 

That lady behind me -_- 

On to the next stop: Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree. 

How to get there: Take the MTR and get off at Tai Po Market Station. Take 64K bus (Mostly 

all passengers there are going to the wishing tree but tell the driver just to be sure)

How I wish that our LRT station would be like this!!

Hello Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree! It is believed that your wish will come true once you throw the 

orange with joss paper and hangs. They are selling the joss paper for 5 HKD.  I read in some article 

that the 1st throw will more likely your wish will come true. Luckily. mine and my 

sister's hung on our first attempt!Unlike my boyfriend, he threw it thrice before it hangs! 

Hopefully, all the things that I wrote there will come true! :)

Next stop: Gudetama Cafe

How to get there: Get off at Tung Chung Station then exit at A2

My sister is going GAGA over this character so we intentionally went there to give her a favor. :)
We had a hard time eating this. Look how adorable these dishes are! Oh! it was delicious too! 

Last stop for Day 1: Mongkok Night Market (honestly, what is Hong Kong without shopping, right?)

How to get there: Take the MTR and get off at  Mongkok Station then ask direction for Ladies 

                             Night Market. 

Here, you must know how to bargain. Some locals really ask for a higher price specially if they 

know you are a tourist. Tip: don't bargain if you are not sure to buy. They easily get MAD! We 

didn't get to buy a lot since most items sold are jackets because of their weather. In Mongkok also is 

where you find a lot of street foods. I was not able to take a picture as I was very excited to try all the 

food. Here's what I only got. 

Well, that's it for our first day! Got tons of places to share so stay tune! :)

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