Wednesday, February 24, 2016


A quick getaway with the boyfriend is definitely a must for every couples out there! Why? It helps

your relationship grow, you get to discover more about your partner (though we are 5 years already,

I am still in shock to know new things about him) and lastly, you get to dream to achieve your goals

together. He planned this trip for us for our 5th Anniversary. We seldom

see each other because of his busy work schedule so when he had a 3 days off, he made sure we spent

the most out of it! We went on a beach day trip at Aquaverde Laiya Resort, Batangas. I was very

excited to go to the beach I heard Laiya have tons of clean beaches and most tourists go there since

it is very accessible about 2-3 hours away from Manila. We only went there on a day trip and it costs

1000 + php each person. It includes their buffet lunch and all their amenities. (beach/cottage/

activity area - billiards/pingpong/board games.)

This what welcomed us the moment we stepped inside the area.

What a relaxing feeling to get your body massage in front of the beach? Right?
Now, the highlight of the trip, BEACH! the sand was fine but not as fine as Boracay. I did not expect

that the water would be clean and clear! I must say that they really did a great job for maintaining the 

cleanliness of the beach  I  also saw group of fishes swimming beside me and tickling my feet! 

I was really glad that they have this mini play ground for the children. At least they don't get bored

when we take so much time lying in the sand while taking selfies. LOL!

We were trying to pull off our "signature pose" and this is the best shot that we got! My boyfie was 

so embarrassed because everyone was looking at us. He was in a hurry to do this. I also felt ashamed

but what the hell? It's our Anniversary so please.. HAHAHA!:) 

*Thank you love for the quick getaway! I wouldn't have spent it any other way. :*

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Last Minute DIY Valentines Gift

I can't believe that Valentines Day is here again! Like really, how time flies? I could still

remember clearly how I spent it last year. With all the things that's keeping us busy (work, study,

etc..) we sometimes lack of time to prepare something special for our loved ones. By special I mean

it does not need to costs you a thousands just to say that you arrange something. After all, its the

thought that counts.  In this post, I will show you a quick, 15 min, easy DIY crafts to give as a

present. Here is my personal gift to my boyfriend. Here's what you need, a pictures, glue stick,

colored pens, colored paper, ribbon and scissor and a small heart with a hole in the center.

You can also add some bling or stickers for additional artsy. Do I need to elaborate more on how to 

do it? I'm sure all of you already know what to do by just looking at the photo. This is so easy that a 

5 year old kid would be able to make this! HAHA! okay, I am not that talented at all! :) I did not 

stick the heart to the paper I just inserted a string in that mini hole so that it will be movable. My 

concept here is to give my heart to you. *cheesy, I know!* Then right whatever you want to say 

in the blank space. That's it! How easy that was! Here are other photos for inspiration that I got from


A hanging letters.

Balloon hearts string card (Personally, I would cut photos in heart shape to make it more sentimental)

Paper Roses 

I hope you can make this or find this helpful. I know that people think that Valentines Day are only 

for couples. I'm not gonna lie that I also thought of it that way before. Along the way, you will 

realize that there is more that than. So for you single ladies out there, This special day is not all about 

the couples, but for everyone who has someone to love  (family, friends, cousins, etc...) We are 

celebrating the LOVE month, not the couples month. So be happy, and spread the love. 

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Skin Care Routine

Just last month, I got an invitation from Cellnique Paramedical to do a review regarding their

product/s. The question is, who are they? where does their products can do and made of? Well, here

is the short introduction about their company.

  • Founded in 1997, Cellnique Paramedical is driven by a passion to revolutionize the skincare industry by providing flawless and perfect salon solutions.

  • Not only with regard to provide the most professional and result-driven skin care products, but also aim to set new benchmarks in skincare salon industry – professional salon solution made easy. 
  • All Cellnique Paramedical products are infused with Cx Formulation. This advanced in-clinic formulation combines the power of biologically active ingredients, natural plant extracts, antioxidants and a bio-active delivery system, offering immediate and visible results for various skin problems

What I personally love about them is that they really know what they're doing. They don't just 

send out their product/s for you to try but rather they took time and effort to study your skin so that 

they would know which of their product/s suits you best. I have talked with one of their team, and 

she was very accommodating and nice. She answered all my questions and queries in no time. In my 

previous blog post hereI shared how my skin is very sensitive and dry. With that said, they sent me 

their products to treat my skin problems. I got the "Vital Repair Serum and Derma 

Regenerating Treatment Cream (this is to give a soft, smooth and moisture to my skin)

Here are the actual items that were sent to me. I love how it comes with a pouch and also a mini booklet 

which contains a general information with their other products. I love how the product dries up easily. It 

doesn't feel sticky at all plus points for the good smell as well. This is my skin before I used it. With our 

bipolar weather here in the Philippines, my skin easily gets dry/chapped especially on my  nose and lips. 

After weeks of using it, Here is the outcome. No more dry skin! The area around my nose and

cheeks are not cracked anymore. I am totally loving it!

A big thank you to Ms. Lim Ee Ven for the trust. 

They will be having a special promotion for online purchase at their official website

apply this special gift code PH003,

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Everybody went Gaga

This outfit style made a massive trend last year. Any guesses what I am talking about?... hmmm?

Well if your guessing Off Shoulder, then we are on the same page! I never understood why so many

girls like wearing it until I tried it on. Boy oh boy! I think I have 5 of those with different colors.

Sharing you my top 4 reasons why every girl must have at least one off shoulder top.

1. It comes with different styles

- May it be printed or plain, the style looks so chic. It is wearable in a casual outfit (paired with

shorts, a flats, sandals or a sneakers) or semi formal events. (wear a wide legged pants, a high waisted

skirts, and heels)

2. Your collar bone stands out

- Don't you feel flattered when people compliments you that you lose weight? I personally feel 

"Kilig" everytime. Since the tube top is leveled in your chest, it makes your neck longer and making 

your collar bone the center of attention. 

3. It covers your arms

- There are times when you feel bloated or not feeling good about your body (because your monthly 

visitor is about to come) Then this top do all the magic trick. Even if you wiggle your arms, no one 

can see your stubborn lose triceps. 

4. Comfortable at its finest.

- Need I say more? Comfortable pieces will always be our top priorities. I encourage you to get 

at least one so that you would know and experience the happiness that this top brings. 

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