Monday, December 28, 2015

Something Significant

WISHING EVERYONE HAD A MERRY CHRISTMAS! :) It is time now to welcome 2016 and I

hope I can do all my new year's resolution. I am always sentiment when new year is about to come.

I don't know why but maybe because everyone is starting a new life, a new beginning and I don't

want to be left behind. Okay, this is getting emotional already! HAHA! This blog post is more of

a life lesson learned So,  While browsing the web, I found this question "What is a mistake you made

early in your career that you learned from? While they were/are many mistakes that I have made and

will continue to make, whether it may be in personal/career life there was one absolutely decisive

things that I want to share. FIGHT for what you want. If it will make you a better person and you

think it will benefit not just you but also the people around you, then DO IT! You are never getting

young! Don't be afraid to explore and know what you really want. If I could turn back time, I wish

my 20 year old me had enough strength and courage to seek new opportunities. I'm just so fortunate

right now to fix everything. It's not easy but with faith, hope, prayers and hard work I can say that

I'm getting there to my goals and I know it's not going to be easy. I'm just feeling ecstatic to finally be

able to stand on my own and make my own decisions that I can finally be proud of. To that person

who is reading this, its okay to make mistakes because you will learn from it and you know better

what to do now. Hang on! You will be okay! You know the motto of the movie Meet the



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                                                                 Much Love,

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Everyday Make Up

I was born having a sensitive skin. It easily gets dry and chapped especially my lips! ( I hate it!) I

cannot go to sleep without putting moisturizer on my face and lotion all over my body. I guess, I

got it from my mother. (why!! HAHA!) Anyway, in this blog post I will show you how I do my

5 minute (okay sometimes 10 minutes if my brows does not cooperate) make up routine. Quick

and easy to achieve. A go to make up for just running an errand, school (if you are allowed to wear)

or having some lunch dates with your girlies!

For the Face, I use BB Cream from Laneige. I swear this one is really worth investing in! Just a single dab can really go a long way. 

For my under eye circles, I use Cover Girl Everyday Gorgeous. I just found this recently 
and I am loving it. Again, a little dab is enough.

Lastly, A compact powder to set everything in place. 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Pinto Art Museum

Going to museums has become more of a trend nowadays. I've been hearing about this museum for

quite some time now. I really got curious so I decided to browse through web to check it myself.

The place is huge and beautiful! I am really  excited to see the amazing pieces and structures plus, to

take photos of my ootds HAHA! I need to go there ASAP. We (my sister and cousins) decided to go

there on a weekday so it wouldn't be over crowded. The moment we got there it felt like we own the

place! Yay for unending poses without feeling ashamed nor awkward! We appreciated the arts even

more since it was a breeze to check everything. Hands down to all the people who contributed. The

whole thing was remarkable and beyond our expectations. I also love what they did to the place feels

like they transported you to another city (to think Antipolo and Manila is just 1-2 hrs drive.)

Everything felt calm and laid back. Wouldn't mind going back there again! Oh we also had truffle

pizza! SO SO GOOD!

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                                                                   Much Love,
                                                                       Lyza <3

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Loving Red

You know how strong Red color is. It can make your look instantly sexy and classy. No matter what

you wear, carry a little red in you and it can create a huge difference. With this look, I wore a plain

crop top, a high waist  short and a booted wedge. I kept my eye make up minimal since I wanted

my red lips to pop! I also wore a necklace that I recently bought online. I love how it complements

my look. It was perfect to wear this necklace too because they're all simple but with an oomph.

Everything fell into places.

Perfect outfit for a ladies night out! 

Work with me

                                                                         Much Love,
                                                                           Lyza <3