Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hong Kong Trip Day 3

This is the most exciting day for us as we were at the Happiest Place On Earth! Any

thoughts where? hmmm?  D...I...S.... its DISNEYLAND! :)  You know what they say, you are never

too old for Disney. I must say that my 15 year old kid in me was the happiest that day.:) Again, We

woke up early because its a bit far from the city. We were lucky enough that we knew someone

inside so we got to enjoy everything for free (except the food)! Enough with the chitchat, Let the

pictures do the talking! In 3.. 2... 1..

Caught in the act! haha 

This spot reminds me of some American movies. 

I suggest for you to be there as early as possible.

This has got to be the FLUFFIEST pancake I've ever tasted (not exaggerating! swear!)

This ride literally brought me in tears!! I can still remember how intense this was!

When you're too excited to hug bae but he doesn't feel like it! :(

Love you my sister :* #cheesy

Left at Disney Land by afternoon. We went straight again to Ladies Night Market to shop for our 

family. I hope that day could get any longer. Its nice to have some quick get away to breathe and to 

relax from all your problems. 

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