Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hong Kong Trip Day 4

Our last day (I don't want to leave yet! saaad!) in Hong Kong spent in TST (Tsim Tsa Tsui) where

you can see the Clock Tower, Victoria Harbour, Space Museum and all the high end signature

bags/clothes/shoes and also some 5 star hotels.

The last morning of our HK trip </3

How to get to TST: Ride the MTR and get off at Tsim Tsa Tsui Station

There are already a road sign to go to the must see places in TST just follow it. :)

Outside the Space Museum

I've always wanting to get my pictures taken here. Finally after 4 years! :)

Clock Tower

The struggle! haha At Victoria Harbour 

Thank you Hong Kong for the wonderful trip! I can't wait to be back again and explore more of you. 

This trip is definitely worth keeping for. 

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