Wednesday, February 24, 2016


A quick getaway with the boyfriend is definitely a must for every couples out there! Why? It helps

your relationship grow, you get to discover more about your partner (though we are 5 years already,

I am still in shock to know new things about him) and lastly, you get to dream to achieve your goals

together. He planned this trip for us for our 5th Anniversary. We seldom

see each other because of his busy work schedule so when he had a 3 days off, he made sure we spent

the most out of it! We went on a beach day trip at Aquaverde Laiya Resort, Batangas. I was very

excited to go to the beach I heard Laiya have tons of clean beaches and most tourists go there since

it is very accessible about 2-3 hours away from Manila. We only went there on a day trip and it costs

1000 + php each person. It includes their buffet lunch and all their amenities. (beach/cottage/

activity area - billiards/pingpong/board games.)

This what welcomed us the moment we stepped inside the area.

What a relaxing feeling to get your body massage in front of the beach? Right?
Now, the highlight of the trip, BEACH! the sand was fine but not as fine as Boracay. I did not expect

that the water would be clean and clear! I must say that they really did a great job for maintaining the 

cleanliness of the beach  I  also saw group of fishes swimming beside me and tickling my feet! 

I was really glad that they have this mini play ground for the children. At least they don't get bored

when we take so much time lying in the sand while taking selfies. LOL!

We were trying to pull off our "signature pose" and this is the best shot that we got! My boyfie was 

so embarrassed because everyone was looking at us. He was in a hurry to do this. I also felt ashamed

but what the hell? It's our Anniversary so please.. HAHAHA!:) 

*Thank you love for the quick getaway! I wouldn't have spent it any other way. :*

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