Monday, November 2, 2015


I always wrapped towels around me when I was a kid and shout "Darna". Silly right? :) I always desire to have  super powers like Peter Petrelli (One of the main cast in the series "Heroes"). He absorbs powers! how cool is that!

Since its super impossible to have one, I just imagine myself doing extraordinary things like teleport to my favorite city, be invisible and stalk people etc. I'm now hype to talk about these but that's not our topic haha!

Lets go back to the outfit. Here's my adult version on how I style my cape top. Definitely way way better than towels!

I love how comfy this piece is. Its really soft and very calm to the eyes. Additional points of hiding my big arms! Anyway, Let me know what you think :)

Work with me:)

 Much Love,

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