Friday, February 5, 2016

Everybody went Gaga

This outfit style made a massive trend last year. Any guesses what I am talking about?... hmmm?

Well if your guessing Off Shoulder, then we are on the same page! I never understood why so many

girls like wearing it until I tried it on. Boy oh boy! I think I have 5 of those with different colors.

Sharing you my top 4 reasons why every girl must have at least one off shoulder top.

1. It comes with different styles

- May it be printed or plain, the style looks so chic. It is wearable in a casual outfit (paired with

shorts, a flats, sandals or a sneakers) or semi formal events. (wear a wide legged pants, a high waisted

skirts, and heels)

2. Your collar bone stands out

- Don't you feel flattered when people compliments you that you lose weight? I personally feel 

"Kilig" everytime. Since the tube top is leveled in your chest, it makes your neck longer and making 

your collar bone the center of attention. 

3. It covers your arms

- There are times when you feel bloated or not feeling good about your body (because your monthly 

visitor is about to come) Then this top do all the magic trick. Even if you wiggle your arms, no one 

can see your stubborn lose triceps. 

4. Comfortable at its finest.

- Need I say more? Comfortable pieces will always be our top priorities. I encourage you to get 

at least one so that you would know and experience the happiness that this top brings. 

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