Saturday, February 13, 2016

Last Minute DIY Valentines Gift

I can't believe that Valentines Day is here again! Like really, how time flies? I could still

remember clearly how I spent it last year. With all the things that's keeping us busy (work, study,

etc..) we sometimes lack of time to prepare something special for our loved ones. By special I mean

it does not need to costs you a thousands just to say that you arrange something. After all, its the

thought that counts.  In this post, I will show you a quick, 15 min, easy DIY crafts to give as a

present. Here is my personal gift to my boyfriend. Here's what you need, a pictures, glue stick,

colored pens, colored paper, ribbon and scissor and a small heart with a hole in the center.

You can also add some bling or stickers for additional artsy. Do I need to elaborate more on how to 

do it? I'm sure all of you already know what to do by just looking at the photo. This is so easy that a 

5 year old kid would be able to make this! HAHA! okay, I am not that talented at all! :) I did not 

stick the heart to the paper I just inserted a string in that mini hole so that it will be movable. My 

concept here is to give my heart to you. *cheesy, I know!* Then right whatever you want to say 

in the blank space. That's it! How easy that was! Here are other photos for inspiration that I got from


A hanging letters.

Balloon hearts string card (Personally, I would cut photos in heart shape to make it more sentimental)

Paper Roses 

I hope you can make this or find this helpful. I know that people think that Valentines Day are only 

for couples. I'm not gonna lie that I also thought of it that way before. Along the way, you will 

realize that there is more that than. So for you single ladies out there, This special day is not all about 

the couples, but for everyone who has someone to love  (family, friends, cousins, etc...) We are 

celebrating the LOVE month, not the couples month. So be happy, and spread the love. 

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