Friday, January 22, 2016

Wildest Dream

Don't you love the feeling that what you've been waiting for for 5 years finally happened? I can't

explain all the excitement and emotions that I have inside but one thing is for sure, I'm so ecstatic!

I kept asking myself why it took a long time for me to own it? I know I am ready, I can do this on

my own I am all grown up. After realizing everything my life in the past, One thing is for sure,

parents knows best! They're the ones who can tell whether you are ready or not. Now I understand

what they meant before "We can't let you go just yet because we felt that you can't spread your wings

and fly. You still need maturity and awareness" For me, that time, I was really contradicting their

thoughts because I know myself. Years have passed, I have learned so much along the way if my 

parents only read blogs, for sure they will tell me " I told you so" Well, the moment I got it, it was 

priceless. The long wait are definitely worth it!! I can't spoil yet what is "it" but I can give you a 

clue.. It's "orange, compact, and  it has power  button" I hope my clues are helpful enough for you

to guess it. Maybe one day, I can finally share it to you guys. :)

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