Sunday, January 10, 2016

New Year At Solaire

My family and I had a staycation at Solaire Resort and Casino to spend our New Year's Eve.

Staycations are the most favorite thing our family do because we get to bond more and get to talk

heart to heart. I love how spacious the room were! It was very comfortable to move around. I also

loved the color combination they used most colors were Gold felt like a VIP. This is only their

standard room I wonder what the suites will look like! We spent first our dinner at the Chinese

Restaurant  nearby. When we finally came back to the hotel, We spent our night at the Eclipse

Lounge to chill, drink wine and have pica pica It was almost minutes left until the clock strikes 12

we transferred to the pool area to watched the fireworks display. At first I got disappointed because it

was raining! But instead of stressing myself and get irritated I just thought that it was a blessing.

HAHA! The most awaiting night finally came. All the crowds were wild already and shouting. We

were all doing a countdown. I got so amazed by the fireworks displays. They really worked hard on

the show. It got more hyped since the music they used were pumped up and modern! The night were

still young for us, after the display, we even played monopoly and pusoy dos. Hours went by, we

decided to sleep already because we wanted to work out the next day for the holiday CH(eat)s!

I wish someday I get to own this elegant Christmas tree!

Next day, We went to the gym to sweat a LOT! we still didn't get satisfied so we decided to swim.

More calories to burn please! I don't want to leave in their pool! You be the judge why!

Sadly we only stayed for a night. I will definitely come back!  Wishing everyone a great

year ahead. Good luck to us! Cheers to new beginnings! Hello 2016 BRING IT ON! 

 Work with me:

Much Love,
Lyza <3

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