Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Born to be Mermaid

Becoming a Mermaid is one in my top wishlists. I've been a fan of The Little Mermaid and always

wanted to become Ariel. Wouldn't be so cool to breath underwater, to have fish friends and to be the 

Princess of the sea? HAHA! okay my imagination is all over the place already! I always

love hanging out whether it might be in the pool or beach,  with great music plus mango shake in 

hand while sensing the sound of the waves, the heat of the sun it makes me feel so relax and forget 

all my problems. If its only possible to be at the beach everyday, believe me, I would.  In this post, I 

want  to show you different styles of swim wears that I personally love as it complements my hour 

glass body. I'm no petite at all so I always choose outfits that hides my stubborn fats and brings out 

my curves. Sharing an OOTD is too typical already and I want to change just for this time. 

Having tassels in your bikini gives you the illusions of longer upper body. The shadow created by

the uneven lines looks so chic.

I always love the halter cut because the diagonal lines will help distract the observer's eye which 

makes the shoulder softer. 

My most favorite is the high waisted bottom. I love using dark colors as it will define the shape and

curve of my body. Also, It hides my belly especially after eating. 

Lastly, wear white!! you can NEVER go wrong with white. It looks so elegant, sophisticated. 

Whenever I wear tube type bras, I always choose the heart shape. Straight cuts will only make your

shoulder look broader. 

That's it! Don't be afraid to try and experiment. I hope you learn a thing or two. Each time 

I lack of swim wear, I  “Stock up on bikinis and one piece swimsuits from ZALORA. They have wide 

array of swim wears which you will totally love! Check  "swimsuits from Zalora"

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