Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Oh My Bag

I'm the type of person when I have a new bag, I would use it over and over again to the point that my

bag will reach its limit. I am guilty of not taking good care of it. I just stack it in my closet after I'm

done with it. If my bags can only speak, they would be very harsh to me. HAHA! but not anymore!

While browsing through instagram, I found this shop Oh My Bag Phils (clickable link). They offer

so much stuff for your bags. From dust proof, to bag bottom board and a lot more!

No matter what brand your  bag is, they got it covered for you. Just tell them the brand and model

and you are good to go! I got the base shapers and bag raincoats for my Longchamp Le Pliage.

Look at the difference after I put the bag base. It defines more shape and look much alive. 

This is by far my favorite of all. The raincoat. Perfect for the beach when you want to walk by the 

shore, it keeps your bag protected by the splash of water, or when riding water rides in theme parks.

It has so many uses and I am sure I will bring this whenever I go especially when the raining season 


For orders and inquiries contact 399-0219 | 0925-8642247 | 0917-6782247 
email: sales@ohmybag.com.ph 

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