Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Bad Day

Don't you hate it when you're having a bad day, its like the whole world is against you?  All the

things that you do didn't go as planned or even just opening a bag of chips, you end up tearing the

whole bag and poof! all scattered on the floor.. Oh, and also, lets not forget, how about when texting?

you keep on sending a typo messages its like your thumb has a mind of its own! GRRRR!

Whenever I am in a bad mood I do these things to keep me relax and to start fresh again. Maybe you

can try it too? :)

1. Close your eyes and take a deep breath

2. Eat 

- The feeling you get when you finally dig in to your favorite food! Mine? FRIES PIZZA and MILK


3. Play your favorite music

- May it be the music of Justin Bieber, Arianna Grande, Taylor Swift etc.. definitely it will give your

mood a different swing! You will instantly feel happy and make you dance!

4. Work Out

- I love intense work out especially when I can't breathe anymore! HAHA . I love the feeling I get

when I do squats, planks, crunches and burpees. It  makes me focus more on my goal and forget why

I am having a bad day.

5. Catch up with your favorite series

- I recently watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones and by far it was the saddest episode yet

for me! "Hold the Door" (you'll get what I mean when you watch it). I also just finished watching

"How to Get Away With Murder" I recommend this to everyone to watch this series! :)

6. Go out and have fun!

- Shopping is my stress reliever so is trying different shades of lipsticks! :)

7. Lastly, go out and see your best friend/ boy friend or whoever makes you happy

- Rant anyway you like, they will listen for sure! plus, they will probably make fun of you that you 

actually end up laughing like there's no tomorrow! 

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  1. Your bag and flats are nice!! where did you get those?
    Anyway, Czarinna here of http://theczarinna.blogspot.com/ :))