Monday, May 9, 2016

Firing 101

This year, I promise myself that I will be more adventurous. I want to do something I've never

done before. I've been wanting to try firing for a long time and was lucky enough to finally

experienced it. Wouldn't it be nice to try new things for the first time with your boyfie? :) We've been

together for 5 years already and we didn't do much except watching movies, eating in a

restaurants.That's why I decided that we do firing on our monthsary, Glad he loved it!

We went to Armscor in Makati Cinema Square to try firing. We got the local package which

includes: 50 bullets, Range Free, Gun Rental and Target Paper. For additional bullets its 12 pesos

each and target paper is 11 pesos each. At first I was hesitant to push this through because I kind of

felt scared when I saw the gun. But my boyfie was with me so I guess nothing to worry about....

hmmm right?? haha!

                                                   Me trying my very best to focus. :)

I had a hard time holding the gun since it was too big for me. They will ask you what gun would you

like to use. Since I am totally clueless about it, I just said "kahit ano lang ate".

I think I did pretty good for a first timer. Can you see my bulls eye???? HAHA! next to try: Archery!

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