Monday, December 7, 2015

Pinto Art Museum

Going to museums has become more of a trend nowadays. I've been hearing about this museum for

quite some time now. I really got curious so I decided to browse through web to check it myself.

The place is huge and beautiful! I am really  excited to see the amazing pieces and structures plus, to

take photos of my ootds HAHA! I need to go there ASAP. We (my sister and cousins) decided to go

there on a weekday so it wouldn't be over crowded. The moment we got there it felt like we own the

place! Yay for unending poses without feeling ashamed nor awkward! We appreciated the arts even

more since it was a breeze to check everything. Hands down to all the people who contributed. The

whole thing was remarkable and beyond our expectations. I also love what they did to the place feels

like they transported you to another city (to think Antipolo and Manila is just 1-2 hrs drive.)

Everything felt calm and laid back. Wouldn't mind going back there again! Oh we also had truffle

pizza! SO SO GOOD!

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                                                                   Much Love,
                                                                       Lyza <3

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