Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Project Organic

Project Organic is an online shop that sells skin care products made from all natural hand made

organic.  I got this package about a month ago and wanted to try it first before publishing so that I

would honestly know what feed back I'm going to give.The moment I opened the package I instantly

smelled the aromatic earth fragrance of the products. I thought of forests and woods!

They even added some dried leaves and some pieces of soft woods ( I'm really not sure what are

those. That is just my observation)  to feel its authenticity. Oh! It's also proudly made in the


Tried using their guava face soap and I must say, not only it made my face feels refresh after but it is

great for removing any make up traces on my face. I kept asking my friend if my face became whiter

after I washed it. haha! Definitely loving this one.

I also got their face moisturizer. You apply it once a day every night. The smell is minty and it

doesn't dries up too fast but you won't feel sticky that much after all, its an oil based formula so

it really takes time for it to dry. One more thing that I'd like to share is that this shop is a funding

project where as the  proceeds go to scholarship funds and by selling these products can help students

who are not fortunate enough to study. How great it is to know that someone is still doing this kind

of act. Let us all support Project Organic that way, we can also help those people who are in need.

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